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Safe and efficient

HVAC systems from Eberspächer

For optimum climate control

For use in defense vehicles and military containers

HVAC systems are the ideal thermal management solution from Eberspächer for defense vehicles and military containers. They are suitable for a wide range of applications and offer a flexible solution that ensures greater safety and increased comfort.

HVAC systems

For military containers

Extreme applications require powerful cooling and heating solutions. Not only do the HVAC systems for mobile military containers boast a long service life, they are also extremely robust and highly durable especially under extreme climatic conditions, plus they feature excellent shock and vibration resistance. 

Key advantages:

  • Controlled remotely, high capacity, external HVAC 
  • Designed to condition any enclosed space 
  • Remote control allows HVAC to be operated either from inside or outside the conditioned space 
  • Hermetically-sealed refrigeration circuit 
  • Capable of withstanding 12 g vertical shock
  • Able to operate in the harshest of environments
  • For use on military shelters
  • Easily adaptable to suit a wide range of specifications according to customer requirements

HVAC systems

For defense vehicles

Our credo is maximum performance in cooling and heating – also in the smallest installation spaces or extremely challenging environments. Available in different variants: whether horizontal, vertical or pre-mounted with integrated control element and air outlets for easy installation. Available as an A/C version for cabin cooling or as an HVAC system for cabin climatization in defense vehicles. All variants are easy to install and can be quickly adapted to fit different vehicles.

Key advantages of VK9:

  • Powerful vertical unit, can be installed in a dashboard to heat and cool the driving space 
  • VAC and HVAC versions available
  • FAI version available with 6 outlet louvers and integrated control panel
  • For a better fit, 2 standard pressure regulator versions are available, rear or lateral outlet