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For individual requirements

Products and system solutions from Eberspächer

Used all over the world

Custom heating and air conditioning solutions

Products, system solutions and design services from Eberspächer deliver custom heating and cooling solutions from a single source in the field of defense, and are developed in close cooperation with our customers. The global use of products in military vehicles and containers requires a high level of adaptability as well as reliable and robust quality – also under extreme conditions.

For a wide range of applications

Products and system solutions

Eberspächer offers versatile, robust and splash-proof products as well as system solutions for defense vehicles such as military jeeps and trucks, amphibious vehicles, troop carriers, special mine clearing vehicles and military containers. One hundred percent reliability, compliance with air conditioning requirements and regulations, and the possibility of use in different climate zones and under extreme conditions, ensure a high level of safety and operational readiness worldwide.


For custom solutions

Design services

With over 25 years of experience in the development and comprehensive testing of thermal management solutions for military applications around the world, Eberspächer offers custom heating, ventilation and air conditioning solutions that are precisely tailored to customer requirements. Close collaboration ensures that your requirements are not only implemented rapidly, but also in a cost-effective manner. In addition, Eberspächer provides outstanding 30-year after-sales service, also applicable on a country-specific basis for products used worldwide.