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Accessories for heating and cooling

Optimal conditions in defense vehicles and containers

For maximum safety and operational readiness

Professional thermal management in any climate

With tailor-made heating and cooling solutions, Eberspächer fulfills the demanding requirements for the thermal management of defense vehicles and military containers. Our optimal air conditioning systems comply fully with all legal standards, thereby creating the perfect conditions for increased safety and operational readiness. Furthermore, Eberspächer offers a wide range of accessories - from control units and air outlets to separate fuel tanks for shelters.

Quick and easy to install

Air outlets

Key advantages:

  • Wide range of outlets with different designs, functions and installation options
  • Developed in-house
  • Customized for the application
  • Durable elements, made of high-quality materials
  • Simple and easy to install

EasyStart Pro

Multiple functions - one controller

Key advantages:

  • Intuitive timer setup
  • Easy to use even while wearing gloves
  • Two heaters can be operated using one single control unit
  • Integrated temperature sensor makes installation very simple and reduces costs
  • Quick servicing thanks to rapid troubleshooting

Diagnostic tool

EasyScan for pre-heaters

Key advantages:

  • Failure analysis of devices and components
  • Comprehensive evaluation of current operating status
  • Error code display including additional system parameters
  • Easy optimization of control units such as EasyStart Pro including firmware updates

Fuel Tank Shelter

For demanding military transport operations

Key advantages:

  • Shock and vibration-resistant design, suitable for demanding military transport
  • Military-grade painted, stainless-steel housing
  • Suitable for use in DEF-STAND 00-35 C2 environmental conditions
    (-40 °C)
  • Electronic fuel level sensor communication with diesel heater

Diesel Heater Shelter

Robust and easy to install

Key advantages:

  • Rugged stainless-steel housing featuring simple attachment to the shelter and plug & play heater operation